No Bone Solution

What is a Zygomatic implant?

Have you been refused implant treatment in the past due to an insufficient bone? Patients in the past may have been advised against dental implant treatment or turned away believing they are unsuitable in efforts to try and regain their smile.

This can be due to an insufficient bone in your upper jaw.

Dr. Ahmed offers Zygomatic Implant treatment.

Zygomatic implant treatment is an alternative for patients who are left in this situation and, therefore could provide the solution you have been looking for.

Zygomatic implants are a treatment alternative too complex bone grafting procedures, which is carried out in a single stage of surgery.

From a patient's perspective, this treatment is very similar to singular implants however, they are longer in structure and anchor to strong areas of bone in your cheeks.

Zygomatic Treatment

  • Anchoring implants to the zygoma bone is a quicker alternative to major bone grafting
  • Leave with a set of teeth on the same day as your surgery
  • No longer have to worry or be embarrassed about ill-fitting full upper dentures
  • Reduces the timeline of completing your upper jaw restoration of teeth
  • Natural teeth can be extracted and zygomatic cheek bone dental implants can be placed at the same appointment
  • Old, failing "All on 4" dental implants with bone loss can be removed and replaced with zygomatic dental implants

How many Zygomatic implants do I need?

Depending on the bone levels available in a patient one or two Zygomatic implants may be needed, along with 2-4 conventional dental implants to give adequate support for the teeth.

In patients where there is very poor bone availability, up to 4 Zygomatic Implants may be placed to achieve this result.

Intra Venous sedation will be offered to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Same Day treatment with Zygomatic implants means that patients do not have to wait for complete healing to have the smile they desire. The majority of our patients leave with a fitted fixed bridge of functioning teeth placed after the surgical procedure.

Choosing to have implant-supported bridges can dramatically improve your facial appearance and allow you to eat the foods you want once again.